Disc Golf Park

The game is played with three discs

  • P – (putter) for throws at a short distance
  • M – (mid-range) for throws at a medium distance
  • D – (driver) for throws at a long distance

Each hole has a tee pad, a place from which you make the first throw, and a special basket to catch the discs. Who completes the course with the smallest number of points wins.

  • The course is situated at the U Slona ski slope next to the bobsleigh track.
  • The course features 12 baskets plus special baskets for children, so that the game can be enjoyed by the whole family playing together.
  • It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the 12-basket course.
  • You can borrow the discs in the Terezka Pizzeria where you also get the game rules and your score cards for writing down the results of each player.

Disc Golf – A Glossary of Terms

DisCatcher – a basket for catching the discs – the target

TeeSign – a description of the given hole placed at its beginning

TeePad – the beginning of each hole, from where you make the first throw at the hole

Fairway – the flight path between TeePad and DisCatcher

Par for the course – the number of strokes to complete the course

A Map of the Disc Golf Park

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